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Who's comin with me!

I'm training ... for what I don't know yet but I'm thinking of going back into some kind of martial arts class again.

If anyone is going to be around for the fall and winter and wants to join up with me let me know because it's always easier to train with a partner than it is to go it alone.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do the Koryo thing because it really seems kind of like a dead end, but I dunno, i'm still looking around. 


Wow, It's really been a minute....

Can't say that I've been on here for any serious reason.  I never really liked to post updates (kind of the same reason I never really kept a journal for longer than a week) because I already know what I did and most of the time I feel like I'm boring the poor reader of the posts.  Regardless, I am here now to post the goings-on.  

Recently, as alot of people have heard, me and Afton have kind of gone seperate ways.  There's no hate or discontent, but we both came to a mutual understanding that it's just not gonna work so that's really all there is.  There were good times and there were fights but it all kinda broke even in my opinion.  

Other than that relationship trash, I've recently been employed at Red Robin so if you are hungry and have 14$ come on down and give me your moneys :D

I really don't know how to completely take all the madness (that's what I'm calling life nowadays) because I'm not used to having so many choices.  It was really easy to drift through the marines for four years because they force fed you everything you needed and let you play when you had the rare chance to.  Now I can do anything and say whatever I want (unlike in the marines :/ ).  I think the majority of the problem stems from the fact that most of the people i talked to or even hung out with are all over the US or Iraq and most of the people here really aren't even in the ballpark as far as stuff I can talk about with them.  It's hard to describe but I think whoever reads this will make some kind of sense of it.  I guess the real reason I'm writing this is to admit to everyone that I'm a recovering asshole :D

There's no other way to say it.

Anyhoo, I've said my piece so I guess i'm just gonna go for another couple years.   

Just for the Record:

Fuck The War on Terror

I'm fine everyone

I know people are hearing little rumors about this and that and the word "IED" has popped up.  Well let me just put this to bed.

I was lead vic and we were rolling down this dirt road like we always do and I was in a hummer.  It was a IED under the road, it went off under my tire and shook the shit out of me.  Everyone was fine, we didn't even take any fire it only took us a while to get towed out of there but I had to go in and get my head checked out again since i've already gotten some serious head trauma before.  I'm doing fine everyone, trust me. 

My Address!

Alright everyone, incase you didn't know, I'm in IRAQ again and here's my address 



UNIT 73920 FPO AE 09509-3920

If you want, send letters which would be greatly appreciated, I'll try to respond to everything I get but I can't make any promises.  If you want to send packages, the things to send are:

Candy - sour patch kids, fruit rollups, ie. gummy stuff 
Snacks - Baked Lays <~ I just love these chips!
Movies - Recent Action flicks or horror movies, Anime (the manly stuff like Guyver, i swear if I get that stupid bread cartoon I'm gonna come back home with a loaded Mag)
Music - Rock, anything I can use to lift weights to (my iTunes library got wiped by my roomate so I have nothing :/ )
Toilettries (sp?) - Shampoo and Soap (liquid body soap)
Extra stuff - Pictures of home or home movies, little things I can hang on my wall to say "that's from my home, biatches"  which is what most other guys are doing... i just don't have pictures on paper, they're all on my computer.

That's pretty much it.  Anything else like Porn and Alcohol is prohibited... but not scanned by customs so if it finds its way into boxes ... i'll just assume some evil little goblin threw it in there.  :DDD


In Iraq again...

It's been a highspeed ride to Iraq but now we're just gonna wait here for a few days.  I'm getting a phone card as soon as the damn PX gets one but it seems all of farking Iraq wants to call people.  I feel really bad about Afton not having internet since... that's pretty much the only thing i have to contact anyone but I guess this'll have to do.  I'm not sure what else to say aside from the fact that i'm in TQ again.  The only new thing that happened on this trip was the ride to Ireland.  It was pretty sweet, we got 2 pints a person (but they didn't check so I had about 5) and then we got on the plane 45 minutes later (you do the math)  needless to say I was feeling nice enough to take a little nap on the plane.  I've been having trouble sleeping lately.  I don't know why but seeing afton wave through that bus window really got me.  I had a rock in my throat the whole ride to the hanger.  

I've started collecting an ass of pictures so hopefully i'll be able to post them on this site or e-mail them to afton so she can put them up for me.  

Until I get a phone card, I'll be online sporatically.

FYI - it's averaging 110-125 in the shade here :P  I'm losing water-weight like a mothafucka

A sit down with Matza!

I'm finally home again and it feels good to get ahold of some matza and just sit down and type like I'd so often do before.  It doesn't make much sense why matza is so soothing to me but oh well.  For all of you who didn't know I'm in town, I'm here till the 10th in which case i'm going to head back for my final departure shit and fly out of cherry point in mid-august.  It's fast approaching and I've made my peace with it, hope everyone else has.

Yesterday was the first day I was home and it was pretty much just a Me and Afton day.  It was nice being able to be close to someone, in contrast to the military situation where your personal bubble is fortified with machine gun nests. 

Afton and I went to the mall so I could pick up some last little odds and ends for my deployment, and then slid by BestBuy and got 300 and Hot Fuzz.  Two really awesome movies!  Got some chow and headed back to watch the theatrical greatness. 

Hot  Fuzz, was hilarious.  It was from the same people who made Shawn of the Dead.  It was funny and yet intense.  I'm not gonna give up any story but I recommend you all should see it.  As for 300, it was an amazing movie but it definitely evoked some emotions.  Lines from Leonidus' Queen like "Come back with your shield, or ON it" , were very powerful.  Definitely a good movie, despite the parallels to my life which I made while watching.

Jul. 5th, 2007

OkCupid - Free Online Dating

Took the Slut Quiz, simply to verify that I am indeed a male slut.  I must say now to all my slutty brothers and sisters, we are a dying breed and must stick together... with or without the help of bodily fluids!

Hello World!

This is the first step toward being known, so I can't fark this up (note: most of my cuss words will be edited so that I don't get banned from this site for use of my own military language). 

I don't know if most of you remember me from long ago, but I used to be Fajiashura way back in the past.  Now i'm just plain 'ol slick rick which is ... an edited form of my other handle I use on the internet.  I don't know what else to say other than I hope most of you who know me friend me, and everyone who doesn't can just ignore this.  This is a friends only journal, just so you all know. 

Well... I got nothing else to say.